Helping Enterprises and Startups achieve business outcomes and competitive differentiation through Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning & Cognitive Solutions.

What makes us Different?

Most of the AI players are taking a "One Size fits all" approach in the market today with a primary focus on technology and a big bang approach towards adoption. We at EnableTree believe that most of the Enterprises today need a "think big act small" approach while embarking on their Cognitive Journey. This requires a nimble, platform agnostic partner like EnableTree who can collaborate with you closely to define your Cognitive Road Map and implement the same in baby steps to ensure success and business impact.

Some of our cutting edge work so far

  • IBM Watson Vision API – trained to solve a governance problem in developing countries.
  • Open Source AI deep learning framework Caffe – trained to identify sketches, pictures and computer vision.
  • Tensor Flow Library implemented to help companies identify unhappy customers through unstructured data elements like e-mail, twitter, contact centre transcripts etc.
  • IBM Watson Conversation API – used to develop an intelligent bot to help a logistics player enhance his customer experience leading to a higher lead conversion and more revenue.